Paget Brewster is not a heart to take! And no, since the 2010s, the Criminal Minds actress spins the perfect love with Steve Damstra. In 2013, the couple announced their engagement on Twitter. On a published photo we could see a magnificent jade ring specially chosen by Steve Damstra. And imagine that it is Matthew Gray Gubler, best friend of Steve and co-star of the series Criminal Minds, who married them on November 29, 2014 in Los Angeles.

“It was because of him that I met my husband (Steve Damstra) who was his best friend. So when we decided to get married, we asked him if he was ready to do it. little wedding, my husband’s family, mine, Matthew, his parents and sister, fourteen people in all! Today Matthew is like my brother. ” had also entrusted the actress in the columns of Télé Star. Since then, the couple who have no children have experienced absolute happiness and still remain very discreet about their private life. Should we live in hiding to live happily as the saying goes?

Who is Steve Damstra?

But by the way, who is Steve Damstra, the man who shares the life of Paget Brewster? Born September 21, 1981, Steve Damstra is a film music composer. It was in 1996 that he began to play music, notably by joining the group Whirlwind Heat. Then, little by little, he got involved in the middle of the seventh art. It is notably to Steve Damstra that we owe the music of Excision (2012), Trash Fire (2016), Cheap Thrills (2013) and The Informers (2008). Currently Steve Damstra is working on the King Knight production.

Paget Brewster © Bruno Bebert

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