Overworked reporter cracks live on CNN

It is a very strong image that has made the rounds of the media. This Tuesday, January 12, journalist Sara Sinder spent several hours in a hospital in the city of Los Angeles, where patients with coronavirus are treated in particular. A shattering vision for the CNN reporter, who had a hard time speaking. Live on the television channel after her visit, Sara Sinder returned to what she had seen during her report and the interviews she had the opportunity to do. Very moved by this vision, she burst into tears, in particular by referring to the black and Latino communities, which are “disproportionately affected” by Covid-19, which has killed nearly 400,000 people in the United States. “They are the first to suffer from it, and many of these people are the ones we depend on in our daily lives,” continued the journalist, her voice hoarse with emotion and tears in her eyes.

During her report, Sara Sinder notably spoke with Julian Jimenez Sesma. This California state resident had to say goodbye to her mother and stepfather, both of whom died of the coronavirus just eleven days apart. Because of the pandemic, she had no choice but to organize a ceremony in their memories on a parking lot. “If you sincerely love your loved ones, do not allow yourself to end like this. Continue to take all precautions. Take extra precautions. Exaggerate if you have to,” she implored at CNN. Back on the air, the journalist was unable to restrain her emotion, she who has already visited too many health establishments overwhelmed by patients with the coronavirus: “See the way in which these families must live this tragedy and their if great pain, it is very difficult to take “. The day after this duplex, Sara Sinder spoke in a forum.

The world is collectively grieving right now, and journalists are working tirelessly to keep the public informed.This moment of vulnerability is deeply relatable and refreshing to see.Thank you, @sarasidnerCNN. pic.twitter.com/V9NDxFjtyc

– Alexis Benveniste (@apbenven) January 12, 2021

Sara Sinder: “I have the impression that my country is on life support”

“I felt exposed and embarrassed at the same time. I learned a long time as a woman ‘never let them see you cry’ – not in public and especially not at work. But I did it on Tuesday, started. the reporter. I cried. I couldn’t control my tears. I couldn’t use my words. This happened not only in public, but on CNN, in front of America and the world. ” In the rest of her text, she explains having cried with “rage” in the face of this pandemic. “I have seen people writhing in pain, breathless and close to death from Covid-19 across the country. I have seen exhausted doctors and nurses fighting as if the pandemic has just come. to begin, she continues, in a moving text. (…) So when you saw me cry, you witnessed my rage. I care about my country. I worry about new evils and elders we are facing. And I feel like my country is on life support. ”

Sara Sinder © CNN

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