In this case, it was Jonathan Delay who named Daniel Legrand among his rapists for the first time in Rennes. “I had been walking around with a weight for 10 years and I put it down on the bar,” he said at the time. For his part, Daniel Legrand had made a simple statement before the announcement of the verdict in 2015: “Me and my father, we are innocent, I say it with strength, courage and dignity”. In his indictment, Advocate General Stéphane Cantero had requested the acquittal of Daniel Legrand, as reported by Sud Ouest in 2015.

Happy ending for Daniel Legrand, he was acquitted there by the assize court for minors in Ille-et-Vilaine. “To all the questions about Daniel Legrand’s guilt, the answer was no,” said Philippe Dary, president of the court. This after more than five hours of deliberations. Recall that the father of Daniel Legrand was also acquitted during this resounding case of pedophilia from Outreau, Pas-de-Calais. He died in 2012.

Outreau cases: the accusations are the fruit of reconstructed memories

On numerous occasions the lawyers for the civil party had underlined the importance of this trial. This trial which gave voice to the victims who had lived through a real hell. Only, Sud Ouest stresses that it was difficult to know what benefit the verdict would offer to the young men, Chérif, Dimitri and Jonathan Delay. Recall that they had also constituted a civil party.

“The charges they brought in Rennes for the first time against Daniel Legrand were the fruit of “reconstructed memories”, had estimated the general counsel. A situation which would have resulted from the traumas linked to their childhood because of the rapes, but also from the psychological violence experienced during the trials. “It is respecting them today to tell them that they are wrong,” said the Advocate General.

Outreau case: why was Daniel Legrand acquitted twice?

Outreau case: why was Daniel Legrand acquitted twice? © Pexels

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