They are happier than ever! After four years of love, it was on August 26, 2020 that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry became the parents of a little Daisy. Parents satisfied, the actor and the singer would have made a big decision for this year 2022… A source close to the couple has indeed entrusted to Entertainment Tonight: “Katy and Orlando are so happy. couple and have found a good rhythm. They want to expand their family. They are both very supportive in their respective careers and love parenting together.” While the star became a mother in the midst of a pandemic, it was for LVR Magazine that she explained last September: “I was grateful to have had the opportunity to be present. I mean, I always would have been, but I would have been afraid of missing things.”

If the couple is thinking of having a second child together, it is in particular because their little Daisy is an easy baby! Katy Perry had indeed confided a few months ago: “Her schedule fluctuates. At first, I was worried about having a schedule, but I decided that I would not be this mom. what matters is that everyone is happy.” Referring to her new daily life as a mom, the singer had revealed: “I love wearing it on me or walking around all day with the stroller. She points to things and says ‘da’, to which I answer ‘yes, it’s a cat’ or ‘it’s a tree.'”

Motherhood changed Katy Perry

In January 2021, the interpreter of the tube I Kissed a Girl had revealed to have been upset by the birth of her daughter. On Instagram, she had indeed written: “She has changed my life and continues to change it. I think you realize that when you become a mother… You just have to focus on being a mother. And that’s not It’s not because you don’t like other people, it’s not because of anything else that you just want to be a great mom.”

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