Ophélie Winter: why has she definitively drawn the line on her mother?

It is time to set the record straight. In her new book, Resilience, Ophélie Winter confides bluntly on her life, by mentioning in passing the many rumors about her, she who has been said to be homeless, beaten woman or even ruined. The singer also evokes her childhood, marked by a terrible tragedy. For years, her uncle, her mother’s brother, touched her. And if Ophélie Winter has not held any resentment against the latter – due to his mental condition, as she reveals – she is terribly mad at her mother, who has chosen to close her eyes. “Me, my uncle, the poor man, unfortunately was physically handicapped. It was a horror, I was afraid of him physically. He was not very pretty the poor man but it was not his fault”, confides- she at the microphone of RTL. “The person I blame the most is my mom. My mom, I told her, she slapped me and said ‘Stop lying!’, And it went on for 10 years. … “Despite this terrible ordeal and the complicated relations she had with her mother, Ophélie Winter had chosen, at the age of 25, to entrust the management of her fortune to the latter. A gesture that she will bitterly regret since five years later, she finds herself ruined. “I always wanted her to be proud of me but I could not imagine what I discovered”, recalls Ophélie Winter in the pages of Le Figaro. “It was such a shock to me that I cut ties. Today, I no longer have a family.”

Ophélie Winter on the subject of her mother: “For me, the page is turned”

In Resilience, evoking her mother allowed the singer to draw a line and today, she does not want to talk about her at all, as she confides in an interview with Télé Star. “I no longer want to express myself on her. For me, the page has been turned”, Ophélie Winter slices before adding: “We all have family stories, I am no exception. When I started writing Resilience, I didn’t want to talk about it. But with the #MeToo movement, I finally told myself that the time was right. “

Ophélie Winter © Pierre Perusseau

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