Ophélie Winter: her tears live while listening to a song by her ex

She was very touched. Ophélie Winter came to the set of Quotidien this Monday, May 31 to promote her autobiography, entitled Resilience, which will be released this Wednesday, June 2. While Yann Barthes evoked the “musical playlist” of the actress, it could not contain his emotion when the category “the most beautiful song of all time” was mentioned. Indeed, the 47-year-old artist chose Prince’s Purple Rain. As soon as the music starts, she first sends a kiss in the air before saying: “Ah, you are going to make me cry”. A few seconds later, she doesn’t hesitate to wipe away her tears before indicating: “It’s horrible”. While Yann Barthès asks her if she “wants the song to continue”, Ophélie Winter retorts: “No no, you want me to cry?”. The presenter then continues his column, trying to relax the atmosphere in front of the singer, still very moved.

The singer Prince disappeared on April 21, 2016, leaving behind a huge void in the hearts of his fans but also of his girlfriends. Indeed, he had a penchant for the French and among these conquests, he notably included Ophélie Winter. In the columns of Paris Match in 2007, the singer had made some secrets about this special relationship that she was able to maintain with him. “When I was 17, I was dating Prince. It lasted five years. He taught me music, he taught me everything. I went back and forth between Paris and Minneapolis every weekend. I traveled in first class and he came to pick me up in a limousine at the airport, “she said at the time. Often described by other public figures as a “workaholic”, Ophélie Winter had however remembered a very caring man. “He rented me a cinema when I wanted to see a movie. We watched the first ten minutes and we left”, she had remembered before evoking an unforgettable moment: “One evening, he sang for me all alone during five hours on stage, in a place as big as Bercy, ”she concluded.

Ophélie Winter and Prince: an unforgettable encounter

Ophélie Winter was the guest of the show On est en direct, presented by Laurent Ruquier on May 30th. The opportunity for her to talk about her meeting with Prince. “We had something, it’s love at first sight. We met in the evening at the after show and the next day he sent me a plane ticket to join him, it was super fast” , she first indicated before specifying: “It lasted 5 years”, she concludes. A relationship of which she keeps very good memories and which, according to her tears on the set of Yann Barthès, marked her a lot.

Ophélie Winter © TMC

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