On November 2, 2021, 29-year-old Tiffany Mills visited a clinic in Florida to undergo breast reduction surgery. Her large breasts caused her back pain for years. When she wakes up, Tiffany Mills discovers with horror that she has received implants. As if that wasn’t enough, the surgeons also performed unnecessary abdominal surgery and liposuction on her. Tiffany, a nurse and mother of three, says she woke up feeling the worst pain of her life. “I woke up in the worst pain of my life. I didn’t qualify for abdominal surgery because I didn’t have any extra skin to remove,” she said.

“The incisions under my breasts completely tore because they added implants, it was too heavy. It was the worst experience of my entire life,” she added. According to Tiffany, the clinic tried to pass off the error as “bonus” surgery, before admitting it was negligence on the part of the entire team. Tiffany Mills deduces that the clinic staff did not keep records of operations and did not monitor patients.

Tiffany Mills breast implants tore her skin

Two weeks after her accidental surgery, Tiffany Mills’ nightmare got worse. The slits under her breasts opened under the pressure of the implants. She had to be rushed to hospital because the wounds under her chest became infected. Worse still, doctors found blood clots in his lungs and legs. The doctors even feared that the 29-year-old nurse had septic shock. Because of her misadventure, Tiffany Mills is unable to work. She still managed to get her money back. “I managed to dispute the surgery fee with my bank and get the money back. The clinic is trying to fight back and claiming that’s what I asked for,” she said.

Tiffany Mills © The Mirror

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