A true professional! Friday, December 31, 2021, Miley Cyrus was performing on stage in Miami, during a special broadcast live on NBC. If the singer was delighted to find her audience, it was a little before midnight that she had an accident while she was debuting the first lyrics of the song Party in the USA. Indeed, her top, which was held by silver thongs, suddenly came undone. Embarrassed, the ex-Disney star continued to sing while holding her top to hide her chest. Finally, she took refuge behind the scenes to find another outfit! Thus, it is in a red blazer jacket that Miley Cyrus reappeared on stage and continued her performance!

With humor, the singer confided between two words: “Everyone is looking at me now, for sure! I always wear more clothes than I have ever worn on stage!” On social networks, many Internet users were amused by the situation and praised the professionalism of Miley Cyrus. It reads, “Great job from the backing vocals and the band. Miley is awesome. She dealt with the dysfunction really quickly and showed her fans how much she appreciated them”; “Amazing, breathtaking, a diva! She continued like nothing had happened, THIS IS WHAT I CALL PROFESSIONALISM. One of my favorite people! Happy New Year Miley!” ; but also: “What I saw here is an artist who sings her songs and does not play back. Refreshing. She is a real talent!”

Miley Cyrus began 2022 with a wardrobe malfunction. #MileysNewYearsEveParty pic.twitter.com/D3BF4JNA0X

– Dave Quinn (@NineDaves) January 1, 2022

Miley Cyrus: “We’ve all learned to expect the unexpected”

At the end of this special evening, the star thanked her audience and delivered a message filled with hope. “Thank you very much, everyone, thank you. Tonight’s show was all about being flexible, and making the most of the worst of circumstances. And that resilience shouldn’t end there. Let’s bring it into the New Year with us. “she said before adding,” We have all learned to expect the unexpected, and rather than seeing it as a problem, let’s see it as an opportunity. I wish everyone here to Miami and everyone watching from home a happy and healthy 2022. Thank you for making this night possible. You were truly all I needed to have the ultimate party. “

Miley Cyrus © YouTube

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