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Oops! Mary from Denmark forgets to respect barrier gestures and apologizes

It was a handshake that must have made the Danish crown cringe. Visiting the Grenå Aquarium in Denmark, Princess Mary greeted her interlocutor upon arrival at the scene. The wife of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark instinctively extended her hand with a smile on her lips as a courtesy. A gesture captured by the photographers that made the Danish people cringe.

Indeed, Mary of Denmark has apparently forgotten the respect of barrier gestures while the coronavirus has killed nearly 790,000 people worldwide, namely wearing a mask and respecting safety distances.

“Take care of others”

Mary from Denmark was keen to apologize publicly by posting a message on her Instagram account as well as two photos of herself wearing a disposable respiratory protection mask. “Yesterday I was in Grenå for my first official appearance since the holidays. At sea and in the air everything went well, but when we got to land it got out of hand and unfortunately I shook a hand. ‘recalled how important it is for us to help each other meet the recommendations. Take care of each other and take care of each other, “she wrote. Fault confessed is half redressed ?

One thing is certain, Mary from Denmark, 48, will never make this mistake again! A mother of four, she is keen to set an example for Isabella, 13, Christian, 14, Josephine, 9 and Vincent, 9.

Princess Mary of Denmark © © Mega / KCS

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