Oops! Hilary Duff mistakenly dyes her hair green

She will remember it. Hilary Duff is a woman like any other, who likes to take care of herself and especially her hair. Close to her subscribers, she wanted to share with them her latest mishap, which she is not ready to forget. In her Instagram story this Thursday, July 22, the actress appears with wet hair and, while she is usually blonde, her color looks different. “So I took a bath … and left a mask on my hair. I thought it helped remove the bad highlights, like blue shampoo,” she explains. on board. However, this famous bottle was old and therefore did not meet his expectations. “It was from when I had green hair … So now I have green hair again,” she says. Installed on her sofa, Hilary Duff runs her hand through her hair so that her subscribers can see the veracity of her words. “I left it on for about seven minutes and voila … My hair was already damaged because I bathe every day with my children in the pool but now it is green,” she concluded. No doubt she will be very careful next time.

A fulfilled mother. On March 24, Hilary Duff gave birth to her third child, a baby girl named Mae. Very close to her subscribers, the former Disney star recently shared a few photos of the day she gave birth in the water. “In order for me to feel safe during childbirth and to get to where I need to go, having the right support system is crucial. The perfect amount of space, back pressure, humor, of immobility and people who support my power “, she first indicated in the caption of her publication. After three deliveries, all very different, the actress wished to salute the courage of women. “It’s hard work … All the ways a woman brings a baby is. From pregnancy and Caesarean sections, to hospital or home deliveries, the breastfeeding journey and the responsible education of these little beings so that they are upright, confident and kind citizens of the world “, she begins before adding:” It is completely devouring. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure … So bravo to the all-powerful moms, ”she concluded. A little message that must have made all mothers happy.

Hilary Duff: who could she count on during her birth?

During this ordeal, Hilary Duff was well surrounded. In an Instagram post, she first thanked the one who shares her life and her daughter. “My husband is the quietest anchor in the room when I feel like climbing walls and my little Molly is an amazing doula who would sit with me when I needed to be calm and quiet. She really liked the fact that I was sitting on dog pads because I had lost the water hours before! ”She recalled. In addition, her mum was there to support her: “My own mum was there to prepare all the snacks and watch with a big nervous smile as her baby brought her a new grand-baby on earth,” she said. confided, moved. Grateful, she then said: “Helping to take care of my other children when I am not able to do so is perhaps the most heartwarming thought of all,” concluded the actress.

Hilary Duff © Instagram

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