A testimony that we would like never to have to read. Back from Ukraine, a journalist from the Swiss media RTS delivered the edifying tale of a mother who lived through the worst during the Russian soldiers’ offensive. This resident of the city of Boutcha, like many other civilians, is one of those who were “lucky” not to lose their lives under the bombs of Vladimir Putin’s army. But what she experienced was simply horrifying: relentless rapes by Russian soldiers. She and her daughter have decided to break the silence.

38-year-old Ekatarina lives in a small house with her teenage daughter and 75-year-old mother. The latter is too old to flee. The three women therefore had to endure the occupation of Boutcha by Russia. Here is his account: “They asked me to kneel down, then they said to me: ‘Your daughter is very beautiful…’ I begged them not to touch her. I said to them: ‘Do whatever you want with me, but don’t touch her.’ They forced me to perform oral sex on them. In turn, it never ended, they marched, like on a treadmill.”

Ekaterina: “One night they came at eight. While I was sleeping, they came to my bed…”

It was to protect her daughter that Ekaterina suffered sexual abuse. “Several of them were doing it. I think only my eyes and my ears weren’t violated. They were telling me: ‘Shut up! We were stationed in Belarus and it’s been a long time since didn’t have a wife! So shut up!’ Otherwise, they threatened to destroy the neighborhood, to kill everyone, my neighbors, my daughter”.

Those words, impossible to describe, continued. “One night they came at eight. I was sleeping. They came into the bed and touched me but finally they went to my mother. They raped her, all eight at the same time. Suddenly their gaze turned, and they went crazy again. They were totally unpredictable. I really had the feeling that we were not facing soldiers but people who had escaped from the psychiatric hospital. That we had given them weapons, and sent to war. They are not normal”. Unimaginable words that show the worst side of the human species.

War in Ukraine © ITAR TASS

Lara T.
Lara T.

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