Michelle had a totally disgusting comeback from racing. A few days ago, this mother went, like every week, to buy groceries in a Waitrose store in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where she has her habits. Fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products… she bought everything she needed for her family. But on returning home, this Scottish was surprised by the shape of one of her bananas. While arranging her shopping, Michelle has indeed seen a kind of bulb on this fruit, wrapped in plastic by the supermarket. Worried, she then asked her husband to come and look with her at what was hidden in this banana. The couple then put this fruit in the sink to examine it before poking it with a fork and making a dastardly discovery.

As Michelle told Edinburgh Live, once the blister burst…hundreds of baby spiders escaped. “I thought finding spider nests on store-bought fruit was an urban myth, but then I took a picture and zoomed in and you could see a spider moving around,” the mom said. Immediately, Michelle was afraid that it was a dangerous arachnid from Brazil. “My husband opened the nest and hundreds and hundreds of spiders came out. When I looked online to see what they might be, it was just horror and scary stories, s Michelle recalled. I’m so glad I took the bananas out of the plastic, if I had left them in there and my son had opened it the next day…”

An internal investigation has been opened

“I don’t know if they were poisonous or not, but they deterred me from buying bananas at the moment. I dreamed that the mother was in the blister and escaped. Afterwards, I felt itchy all over,” adds Michelle, who doesn’t really plan on buying more bananas right away. Angry after this discovery, the mother of the family quickly informed Waitrose customer service on the phone. “He had never heard of anything like this before,” she describes. To get rid of the spiders, Michelle threw the bananas away and poured bleach and hot water down the sink. “We are very sorry to hear that this incident has occurred, reacted a spokesperson for the supermarket chain. And we are urgently investigating with our supplier to ensure that this does not happen again.”

One of their bananas has a strange bump, what comes out is beyond belief

Horror coming home from shopping © Pexel

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