One of the worst serial killers unmasked

Her name was Jackeline Cristina Palomo and she was 26 years old. On the night of May 7, it was his cries that woke up the neighbors, and that will very surely save other victims of one of the biggest serial killers in the country. That evening, the young woman ran away from a house in El Salvador. Behind her, Hugo Osorio follows her, an iron bar in his hand. He ends up catching her and killing her.

The 51-year-old, a former police officer, was arrested the same night after worried neighbors notified law enforcement. The latter confesses to the murder of the young woman and confides having buried other bodies at his home. Since then, the authorities have carried out searches in his house, located in Chalchuapa, as reported by Les Latest Nouvelles d’Alsace. So far, 18 bodies have been exhumed, including that of Jackeline, her brother and her mother. But according to local journalists, a total of forty could be discovered in the coming days.

Who is Hugo Osorio, El Salvador’s worst serial killer?

Of the 18 bodies found, most belong to women, as well as to three girls, probably 9.7 and 2 years old. But in the middle of these, that of another man was buried … the own brother of Hugo Osorio. If the killer was arrested by the authorities, they seem to think that the fifty-something did not always act alone. Several arrest warrants have been issued against nine suspects who may have participated in the murders, including the burial of bodies.

Hugo Osorio joined the police force in 1997, but was banned in 2005 after accusations of child sexual abuse. He then serves a prison sentence, and leaves it in 2011. Investigators describe him as “a sexual psychopath”, a “serial killer” who hunts his prey on social networks. In any case, this is what he himself confessed during his police custody. In his house, investigators found candles, masks and an image of “Santa Muerte” (“Our Lady of Death”).

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