The technology is decidedly unstoppable. We have proof again since even a Sicilian mafioso on the run for 20 years could do nothing against her. He was indeed arrested in Spain because of a photo taken on Google Maps. No chance.

While he had been on the run for 20 years, Gioacchino Gammino or one of the heads of the Sicilian mafia group “Stidda” was finally arrested near Madrid. According to information from Reteurs, the investigation was relaunched two years ago following a snapshot taken on Google Maps on which the Mafioso appeared.

“The photo allowed us to confirm the investigation”

The 61-year-old was nearly 40 kilometers from Madrid, Spain, and ran a fruit and vegetable store there. The investigators revealed that they already had doubts about the possible presence of the Mafiosi in this city, and their suspicions were confirmed by this photo on Google Maps: “The photo allowed us to confirm the ‘investigation that we were developing in a traditional way, “said Nicola Atiero, deputy director of the Italian anti-mafia police unit.

Gioacchino Gammino was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and escaped from Rebibbia prison in Rome in 2002. He is currently in detention in Spain and investigators are trying at all costs to repatriate him to Italy as quickly as possible. possible.

On the run for 20 years, a Sicilian mafioso found… thanks to Google Maps © Google Maps screenshot

Lara T.
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