Georgie Mitchell, a British wedding planner, recently made the buzz by relaying a particularly unusual story. In her podcast The Unfiltered Bride, the young woman said that a bride had surprised her future husband being breastfed by his mother. The young woman thus clarified that she was not present at the ceremony. The story was told to her by Jenny, the bride’s makeup artist. According to her, the latter came across a scene so shocking that it was “enough to end a marriage”. Visibly taken aback, her co-host Beth Smith wondered if it was a case of adultery or drugs.

“It was much worse than that,” retorted Georgie. And to add: “He was being breastfed by his mother.” It didn’t take more to shock Beth: “Excuse me, what? How is it possible that her mother is still producing milk?” For the wedding planner, it is very likely that the latter has never stopped breastfeeding her son. A detail that his future companion seemed to ignore. The two presenters then debated how they would have reacted in his place. Of course, they couldn’t help joking. “You would have canceled the wedding? In any case, you surely wouldn’t have kissed the groom when they say ‘You can kiss the groom’.”

A mother/son relationship that makes people react

Viewed more than 768,000 times, the video – shared on TikTok but since deleted – quickly went viral on social media. This story aroused strong reactions. “He took the phrase ‘mummy’s boy’ at face value,” “I thought you were going to say the groom was dead – but that was even worse!” we could read in the comments. The majority of Internet users have indicated that they would have abandoned the man in front of the altar. “I would have fled” thus launched a person. As for the bride in the story, we don’t know if she went through with the ceremony.

On her wedding day she surprises her fiancé being breastfed by his mother


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