On the night of Tuesday 17 to Wednesday 18 August, the entrance to the port of Ibiza was the scene of a dramatic accident. At around 11:30 p.m. that evening, two Spaniards were on board a private inflatable boat seven meters long. When suddenly, a ferry hits them. During the accident, one of the two men died instantly, beheaded. If his body has been found, his head is still being sought. The second man, 46, was rescued at sea and transferred to hospital. His days are not in danger.

A walker alerts the emergency services

It was an individual who was then on the ramparts of Dalt Vila, not far from the port, who dialed 112 after hearing the collision of the two ships. On the phone, he quickly clarifies that he hears screams in the distance. At the same time, the ferry crew also hastened to alert the emergency services, specifying that they had to descend their inflatable boat to rescue people who might be in the water. The first victim, alive, was rescued 10 minutes after the tragedy. The body of the second victim was located 40 minutes after the collision, without his head. The 142 people on board the ferry, meanwhile, were evacuated to the port of Ibiza without any bodily injury.

As the local newspapers specify, today, the Civil Guard and the Harbor Master’s Office are investigating the causes of the accident and what exactly happened that evening, at the entrance to the port. Various aspects are being studied, such as the signage, location and lighting of the victim’s boat, or the speed of the two vessels. A priori, the ferry was sailing at the right speed when it arrived near the coast, between eight and nine knots.

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