He is one of the most famous animators of the PAF. At the head of Fort Boyard or the Club des Invisibles, Olivier Minne is also renowned for his very pleasant physique. With his sporty stature, the host does not go unnoticed. But don’t think it’s always been like this. Indeed, it is thanks to a coach, met in the 2000s at a time when his television career was beginning to “wobble”, that he took charge. “I entered a tiny gym in Paris. I met a prodigious man there: Jack Savoldelli”.

Thanks to this man, Olivier Minne has changed his silhouette: “He is a former boxer and bodybuilder who took me under his wing. At the time, I was cut like a toothpick. I started to feeling connected to my body, which had never happened to me before. The approach was not for aesthetic purposes, even if I saw that the gaze of others began to change”. While the animator weighed more than 100 kilos, he lost a lot of kilos. “Last winter, I had still climbed to 112 kg. Despite my 1.91 m, it’s much too fat! There, frankly, I couldn’t fit into anything. But I managed to lose 24 pounds while eating almost nothing but peaches. And since then I have continued swimming and bodybuilding to maintain myself.”

Olivier Minne wants to stay as he is

A weight loss that has been a long way for Olivier Minne. “In the early 2000s, I was fired from television, no one wanted to make me work anymore […] As soon as I had a stroke of softness, I went to take refuge in the gym. It was for me an initiatory path to get closer to myself.” Assuring that his sports routine was “less regular than before”, Olivier Minne confided: “I alternate indoor sessions and swimming. I have never been in a competitive spirit. And I am greedy, I am unable to ban certain foods like chocolate and sauces. I just pay attention to the quantities.”

Olivier Minne: this very special diet during which he ate only one food that made him lose 24 kilos

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