Olivier Marchal has not said his last word regarding his film project on the life of Johnny Hallyday. On the airwaves of RFM, facing Bernard Montiel, Sunday November 6, 2022, he still revealed that his idea for a biopic had been aborted. “Ohlala, that’s an unfortunately buried story”, admitted the actor of Purple Rivers, before recalling how and why he had the desire to transpose the life of the idol of young people on the screen. “I had the chance to know Johnny Hallyday a little bit, he really wanted to work with me. As I had worked with Laura Smet on Carbone, I had said to him: ‘Listen, I have a subject for you and your father who is called Jude'”, he confided to the microphone of RFM. It was an adaptation of a play. Only, the death of the husband of Laticia Hallyday which occurred in December 2017 will prevent the two men from collaborating together.

It was following the death of the singer that Olivier Marchal would have had a request from a producer to make a biopic about him. “A producer called me during confinement to make a biopic about him. It was an opportunity for me to break with the thriller and pay tribute to this great gentleman that I missed”, told Olivier Marchal to Bernard Montiel. If he did not wish to say more about the reasons which led the project not to see the light of day, he still announced good news to the rocker’s fans. “There, I have a project”, he launched.

Olivier Marchal wants to tell the story of a fan of Johnny Hallyday

His idea: to tell the story of a fan of the singer “who lives like Johnny, who dresses like Johnny and who sings at weddings”. The 63-year-old director even specified that the script for the feature film was ready and signed Laurent Olmedo. “The subject is magnificent and we are trying to set up the project for the cinema or the platforms”, he confided again before affirming: “Already, we have all the fans behind us.”

Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, many tributes have been paid to him, starting with his widow, Laeticia Hallyday. Indeed, the mother of the last two children of the singer does not miss an opportunity to recall how much the singer was everything to her. If today she has rebuilt her life in the arms of Jalil Lespert, she has always said that Johnny Hallyday would remain the great love of her life. If she opposed many tributes, Olivier Marchal did not indicate whether or not she should give her approval for her new project in connection with the idol of young people. Since it doesn’t directly concern his life, Jade and Joy’s mother shouldn’t have a say in it and so the director’s new project should be able to see the light of day.

Olivier Marchal: after the cancellation of his biopic on Johnny, he unveils a project that should delight fans of the rocker

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