Olivia Wilde in a relationship with Harry Styles: this little hope of the ex of the actress

Chabadabada. A few weeks after her split from Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde found love again. And it is on the set of her next film that the actress and director fell under the spell of Harry Styles. The singer was photographed with the actress hand in hand at the wedding of Jeffrey Azoff, the former manager of One Direction. According to several guests, Harry Styles would have presented the young woman as his “girlfriend”. “They were very affectionate with each other, and did not hide at all from their friends,” a source told People magazine. An idyll that hurts the ex-companion of Olivia Wilde a lot. “Desperate” before the love story of Olivier Wilde and Harry Styles, Jason Sudeikis has only one idea in mind: that of winning back his former sweetheart, and he wants to keep hope. According to US Weekly in fact, he remains optimistic and hopes that their relationship is only a “phase” and that the couple can experience a flashback to “repair their family”.

But for the moment, nothing is less certain. Because, even if Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have not confirmed the rumors, their loved ones are happy to pour out their relationship. “I can confirm the rumors. Olivia is crazy about Harry, for sure. They are definitely something both,” said a source, adding that the relationship of the two lovebirds “has been going on for a while under the radar” . “The announcement of the breakup of Olivia and her fiancé is recent a few weeks. Sources told us that he is devastated and felt taken aback,” she continued. To US Weekly, a friend of Jason Sudeikis added: “Jason has no choice but to step back and let Olivia do his thing, but his fingers are crossed that it’s just one thing. phase and Olivia will be okay or Harry will be bored. ” And according to other sources, Harry Styles would have had a weight in the breakup of Olivia Wilde and her ex-companion.

A separation by mutual agreement

According to the couple of the ex-couple, their couple began to fight for help when Jason Sudeikis realized the bond “increasingly close” between Olivier Wilde and the actor, whom she directs. in his next film. “Whether Harry knew about it or not, he was one of the reasons for the split,” a source said. As a reminder, the actress and the actor separated at the end of last year after nine years of relationship. “There was absolutely no drama or scandal, it’s just that their couple didn’t work anymore. If you’re looking for a juicy story, there just isn’t one, a loved one confided. Children are their number one priority and at the forefront of any decision they make. They love and have the utmost respect for each other. They will continue to support each other in any situation, especially when it comes to parenting their children and their careers. ” Together they are the parents of two children: Otis, 6, and Daisy Josephine, who is 4.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde © AGENCY

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