Olivia Ruiz’s tears touched by the message from one of her friends

The weeks go by and look alike in the program Culture Médias d’Europe 1. After Valérie Damidot, Olivia Ruiz was unable to hold back her tears during the Unexpected Portrait of Hélène Mannarino, Tuesday September 1, 2020. Indeed, the singer, who was a guest on Philippe Vandel’s show on the occasion of the release of her book, La commode aux tiroirs de couleur, was surprised by the message from Béatrice, a dance teacher who had trained Olivia Ruiz when she was preparing her Volver show. “My cracker, it’s me. I’m coming to say hello. I’m coming to tell you how proud I am of you, to have seen you dance, sing. Now you write. You share your story with us with a truth and spontaneity that I have always loved “, declared Beatrice before assuring him that she loved him very much and that she was an integral part of her life.

Very strong words that touched the heart of Olivia Ruiz. Unable to hold back her tears, she still wanted to explain why the emotion was so palpable. “But isn’t it okay to make me cry early in the morning? I was very scared of losing my friend Bea a few months ago. Now she’s fine. It was a nice gift,” she said. confided wiping tears with a big smile. For his part, Philippe Vandel took advantage of these fine words to conclude his show. “We will end with these tears and this huge smile. Thank you very much!”, He said.

Olivia Ruiz was completely upset

The time he announces the program of his show the next day, Olivia Ruiz has a new burst of tears, thinking back to the touching message of her great friend. “Get well … She’s in a bad state Olivia Ruiz, what a pleasure to see you like that!”

Olivia Ruiz © Europe 1

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