Olivia Newton-John with stage 4 cancer: the Grease star opens up about her state of health

“I did not expect to live so long, I feel blessed. Despite the illness, I feel good,” Olivia Newton-John told People magazine. The actress is a survivor. In 1992, she was told that she had breast cancer. After having undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy, Olivia Newton-John managed to overcome the disease. But, in 2013, she suffered a relapse. Then in 2017, she announced that she had a tumor: stage 4 cancer.

However, the actress and singer does not want to be defeated. “I am so lucky to have lived this three times and still be alive. I live with this and every day is a blessing, especially now” she confessed on an Australian show in August 2019.

The actress remains optimistic

Olivia Newton-John has refused to let the doctors tell her how long she has left to live. “If you believe the statistics, they will come true. If you are told that you have six months to live, it is very likely that it will happen, because you are going to believe it. So for me, psychologically, it is It’s better not to know the diagnosis or to know that someone who has the same thing as you has survived, “said the 72-year-old actress.

The Grease star and her husband created the Olivia Newton-John Foundation to help research into herbal treatments for cancer. She herself treated herself with medical cannabis. Her husband, an herbalist, has “a great knowledge of plants” and “helped her a lot” assures the actress to People magazine.

Olivia Newton-John © 60 Minutes

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