Olivia, a 7-year-old girl, died in 2017 from her mother’s medical abuse syndrome. Her story recalls the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s vicarious Münchhausen syndrome who ended up killing her mother when she found out she was not at all sick. For Olivia, the story ended differently, the treatments and interventions she had to undergo because of the diseases invented by her mother resulted in her death. According to the Paris Match, Kelly Turner, 43, began to report that Olivia was ill.

“She claimed that the latter had been diagnosed with neurointestinal encephalomyopathy,” reports Paris Match. However, Olivia’s mother also invented several other illnesses that her daughter did not have. She had made believe that Olivia was born premature, that she suffered from autism and seizure disorders, and that she had a tumor. On Monday, January 3, Kelly Turner pleaded guilty to abuse and neglect on the bus to ease her sentence. The judge’s decision is extremely difficult since the case involves the death of a little girl who has suffered tremendously. “It is unimaginable, and from the point of view of this court, it would generally be punishable by the most severe penalties”, he confirmed.

Mother Olivia invented the diseases that killed her daughter to attract attention

Paris Match parallels Gypsy Rose’s story because Kelly Turner did pretty much the same things her mother did. Kelly Turner, the mother of little Olivia, has gained the attention of the media, associations, doctors and hospitals. She would have collected nearly $ 600,000 in Medicaid benefits and donations, according to CNN. Previously, she had already raised $ 23,000 on a fundraising page on behalf of her daughter. The Colorado Children’s Hospital paid Olivia’s family $ 25 million. It is worth remembering that it was this same hospital that deemed it unnecessary to alert social services although doctors and nurses had already suspected medical abuse.

Kelly Turner and Olivia Gant © The Denver Post

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