It is a business which lends to smile but which is not to the taste of the neighborhood. In the streets of Laigneville, located in the Oise, some residents do not take into account the complaints of others. “I find it funny. A bit ridiculous to come to this. But it’s a bit funny that it is broadcast on the networks”, confided a passerby. “Me, I prefer to see people making love than to hit each other. Well, in any case, that wouldn’t happen to me, I can’t afford it anymore”. The case went around town. A couple’s intimate lovemaking is so strong and frequent that their neighbors have filed a complaint. And it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. “I had a neighbor like that. We could hear his antics during the day. All the neighbors had put a little note, I think. But it hadn’t taken on proportions like that”.

In the streets, opinions are divided: “I understand that it may disturb the neighbors. Afterwards, they live their lives too. We should find a happy medium, that they try to make an effort. Maybe isolate the room” . The plaintiffs tried to get in touch with the lovers. But nothing helps, the lovers do not hesitate to reveal their passion. The mayor of the town then took charge of the file: “I thought it was a joke at first, but no no, it was very serious”, smiles Christophe Dietrich.

The town hall gets involved

But the city councilor then regrets this type of incident: “The town hall is quite helpless in this kind of case. Apart from going to see people and asking them to be a little less noisy, we don’t have a lot of margins of manoeuvre. Afterwards, it’s good manners.” According to the mayor, the municipal police met the couple in question. He hopes that the media coverage of this affair will calm their ardor.

Oise: their antics are too noisy for the taste of their neighbors, they take matters into their own hands

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