A real nightmare. Last June, Océane Bourdin, 21, died of suicide. The unfortunate woman who was the victim of rape took her own life. According to CNEWS, she was allegedly raped by one of her friends. “A descent into hell”, such is the definition of the father of the victim, Yvan Bourdin, when he testified to CNEWS. “She said she couldn’t stand a confrontation with him,” the bereaved father said.

This horrific story began in February when the oenology student in Beaune, Côte d’Or, went to a party with a friend of hers. This friend who was also her classmate followed her home when she was drunk, according to the outlet. Océane Bourdin would have rebuffed his advances, so he would have waited for her to fall asleep to be able to rape her, reports Cnews. Océane Bourdin would have begged her to stop, but in vain. According to the father, Yvan Bourdin, his daughter would have confided in them and had even declared that she “could not support a third affair”. Indeed, Océane Bourdin would have been raped three times by different individuals.

She filed a complaint, but without success

According to the story of the father, Océane Bourdin would have filed a complaint in early May since she seemed to be getting better. She also told her father that she agreed to file a complaint. Only, things did not go as she expected, says the father. “She came back decomposed, even more depressed than the day after the rape,” says this father.

“The police officer who received Océane explained to him that in the absence of evidence or confessions, it would be his word against that of the attacker”, reports Cnews. It is a major shock that discouraged the young woman. During the absence of her parents, last June, Océane Bourdin ingested a lethal dose of drugs. “I’ve been dead since February 10 (date of the rape), you couldn’t have done anything for me,” she wrote in a note to her parents.

Océane, a 21-year-old woman, commits suicide after suffering her third rape

Océane, a 21-year-old woman, commits suicide after suffering her third rape © Pexels

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