Novak Djokovic will he afford a new title at Roland-Garros? This Tuesday, May 31, however, he will have to overcome his best enemy, the best player on clay, Rafael Nadal from the quarter-finals. Whatever the outcome of this clash, the Serb can count on the unwavering support of his wife, Jelena. If the two spin a perfect love, they have nevertheless gone through several storms. First: rumors of infidelity on the part of Novak Djokovic, to which he was forced to respond. “I understand that it is more interesting for people to read that Nole and Jelena are divorcing, rather than Nole and Jelena are in love”, was annoyed a few months ago. But that’s not all, the couple also almost broke up because of tennis.

The reason ? In 2016, Novak Djokovic did a lot of work on himself and came to a sad conclusion. “I realized, in fact, at that time, that the relationships I had with my loved ones were quite superficial and hollow, because I simply did not know how to deal with them, confided the tennis player, who had then won Roland-Garros but also the Australian Open, in a broadcast. I understood that it was inevitable, that we had to share this journey together, that she had to endure this life, otherwise we could not not stay together.” The work was the same for Jelena, then mother of a little .Stefan: “I was wondering how to raise a child to follow in the footsteps of his father who is constantly looking for improvement and results. “.

Jelena and Novak: how many children do they have?

“Novak is already a historical figure, you know, and at 30, and I have this kid and I have to do something special. That’s how I started thinking about it and it made me a very anxious mother. It destroyed me”, confided the wife of the tennis player before explaining how she had managed to refocus: “In the middle of Wimbledon, I decided to leave for a spiritual journey in Ecuador. And that was beautiful and very important to me.” As a reminder, the two lovers met in Belgrade on the high school benches. After years of separation, they married in 2014 on the island of Sveti Stefan, in Montenegro. Subsequently, they became parents to two children: Stefan, born in 2014 and Tara, born in 2017. And despite the doubts, they still love each other as on the first day.

Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic © Claudia Albuquerque

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