Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have been absent from social media for a few days. A long silence explained by a news that totally disturbed the couple. Remember, on May 1, the iconic reality TV couple announced incredible news to their subscribers. Shanna is pregnant with twins. As a couple since 2020, the two lovers had moved away from the cameras and TV sets to live their story out of sight and start a family. At 35, Shanna wasn’t sure she was ready to become a mother. Despite everything, Shanna and Jonathan will be parents in a few months. This pregnancy is not easy for the two reality TV stars who have just learned terrible news…

Before that, a little flashback, in 2021. Shanna had shocked the web by indulging in her depression, her suicide attempts and even her six abortions. The young woman recently confided in her difficulties in getting pregnant. But the miracle happened! It’s not one, but two babies discovered at the first ultrasound. At first glance, Shanna does not seem happy with this pregnancy: “The whole world of pregnant women has always been a big block for me. I have always refused that physically! “.

An announcement that upsets the couple

Yet active on social networks, the couple had disappeared in recent days leaving strange messages that worried fans: “We are going through a complicated time. For a week, you have known that we are not doing very well… We finally decided not to hide anything and to assume what we are going through ”. An announcement that they were able to make on their YouTube channel “Un mec, une meuf”.

On May 30, the 11th episode of their YouTube channel was then released. In this new video, the couple of future parents seems upset: “We received a call that changed the course of our lives”, begins Shanna. In this episode entitled “The exam that changes everything”, Shanna and her darling receive the results of the non-invasive prenatal screening by telephone. “The NIPT results are not good. There may be a result with trisomy. I need to arrange amniocentesis for you. In your blood test, we are told that there is a 98% risk of trisomy 21. That’s huge! “, announces the gynecologist on the phone.

“The gynecologist told me that we had the option of keeping him, but that we would have to stop the other’s heart. It’s hard ! »

Faced with this announcement, Shanna confides, in tears: “Either we have one left, or we don’t. People can say what they want, but children with Down syndrome are complicated. They will be criticized all their lives, their daily life is complicated, for the parents it is complicated… If I keep them, it will be complicated for everyone. At the same time, that means that the process must be stopped… The gynecologist told me that we had the possibility of keeping it, but that the other person’s heart would have to be stopped. It’s hard ! “. The couple are currently awaiting amniocentesis results on June 2.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas © YouTube

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