Not so “crazy”! The one who replaced her hair gel with super glue is talking about her again

The “Gorilla Glue Girl” recently made a revelation at TMZ. Tessica Brown says she wants to be the Kylie Jenner of hair care. It would also be inspired by Oprah’s book. Tessica tells TMZ that her “Forever Hair” product line has been a huge success. A success evidenced by $ 25,000 in sales to date. So positive feedback that greatly motivated him to pursue the same billionaire path as Kylie Jenner with her makeup line.

What does Tessica offer? It is a hair spray as well as products to control the ends as well as drops to promote hair growth. A range of products whose inspiration is quite particular. Indeed, Tessica Brown confides that the design of this one was inspired “by the fact that she had replaced her usual hairspray with Gorilla Glue”.

“Big projects in perspective”

If Tessica Brown is seriously considering digging into the cosmetics field to become a billionaire, these are not her only aspirations. Indeed, for her first dollars, she already has big plans. She admits that she is thinking about buying a house in Louisiana first. As she raises more money, she confides that she will have her own moment at Oprah’s.

Remember that the educator made the buzz on the internet last February. The reason being that she had sprayed her hair with adhesive on a video she shared. Tessica Brown had confessed to netizens that even after washing her hair 15 times, her hair had kept its cut for almost a month.

The “Gorilla Glue Girl” © Instagram

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