A crazy gesture. In the United States, 82-year-old Doris Cumming was found dead in Floyd County, Georgia on Thursday, April 14. Retired, she lived with her grandson, Robert Keith Tincher III. He is accused of his murder. Indeed, according to ABC News, the young man of 29 years, arrested and now detained, would have killed his grandmother by locking her in a freezer. The police were alerted to her disappearance by the victim’s relatives, worried about not having heard from her.

According to the authorities, Doris Cummings would have had a heavy fall last December. She would then have broken several bones and would have been unable to move. But instead of helping her and driving her to the hospital, her grandson would have dragged her into the home, before putting her, still alive, in a plastic bag and then installing her in the freezer, breaking her back to get her into it.

The grandson continued to live in his grandmother’s house

According to the charges against Robert Keith Tincher III, no argument with the elderly person, nor any reason would be at the origin of his act. “From what we believe, he knew she was still breathing and could hear her moving in the freezer,” investigator Brittany Werner said.

For several months following the death of his grandmother, the grandson continued to live in his house, before deciding to move the freezer to a warehouse last March, for fear that the body would be discovered. The grandson explained that he had not called the emergency services after the fall of the retiree because he was at that time wanted in a case of threats against his wife, dating back to 2018. During his interrogation, Robert Keith Tincher III, however, clarified that he loved his grandmother and that she was “the only member of (his) family to give him attention and love”.

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