It’s a matter of time and patience. It took seventeen years for Rin Kambe to have hair worthy of Rapunzel but, at 42, she is now filled with locks 186 centimeters long!

This already staggering length requires two hours of drying after each shampoo. An interview far from putting off the dancer who has set herself a new challenge: reaching two meters!

princess hair

Flashback to the early 2000s. Rin works as a dancer in Tokyo. At the time, she had a bob type cut, but not recognizing herself in this length, Rin decided to let her hair grow. His goal ? Achieving a characteristic and memorable length allowing it to stand out while honoring Japanese culture, with long hair being symbolic of Japanese princesses of the Heian period. In the columns of the Mirror newspaper, Rin confessed: “I had short hair when I was a child, but after becoming a dancer and imagining myself dancing with long hair, I think I will never cut it again”. But her desire for extra-long hair is not without consideration!

A grueling routine

“When I wake up in the morning, it takes me at least ten minutes to brush and tie it up,” she explained, adding, “I can do it in five minutes when I’m in a hurry because I like twisting my hair and putting it up. in a net to prevent them from getting tangled or getting in the way when I sleep. So when I get up, they are in order in the net. A routine that lengthens considerably on the days when Rin has to wash her long hair, going from ten minutes to… three hours! “I wash them twice a week and I do a lot of care,” she confided. “After washing, I dry them quickly by blowing air. It takes an hour to wash my hair, apply a treatment and massage the scalp, two hours to dry it and then brush it”.

Valuable allies

On a daily basis, this length also causes her some small problems “If I keep them detached, I have problems with almost everything I do, it’s so easy to stumble” she explained, continuing “I can’t even go to the bathroom, let alone change clothes or eat noodle soup. If my hair is loose, I even hesitate to go out” because when Rin’s hair remains free, it drags on the ground… Even in a bun, Rin has to change their position throughout the day, the latter being so heavy that ‘it gives him headaches. Despite everything, Rin does not intend to cut her precious hair “They still grow every day. Usually people’s first reaction is to wonder if my hair is real. When they learn that this is the case, they are both shocked and impressed” and they are not finished being!



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