Usain Bolt more comfortable breaking the 100-meter world record than changing diapers. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist, now 35, has indeed revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail that he does not think he will have more children.

The former athletics champion is already the father of a baby girl named Olympia Lightning, aged one, and two six-month-old twins, Thunder and Saint Leo, all from his union with Kasi Bennett. Usain Bolt said taking care of his last two children “was not as fun as you might think”. The former champion therefore decided to say stop. “I’m done. I don’t want any more now. Being a father keeps me busy, but I’m no longer in good shape. I’m constantly busy and my hands are always full,” he said, adding that ‘he was impatiently waiting for his children to grow up so that he could breathe a bit.

Usain Bolt: “I don’t party as much as I used to”

Usain Bolt admits, however, that he can count on his mother to help him take care of his young children. The former Olympic champion still confided that he had calmed down with the arrival of the babies. “I don’t party as much as I used to, but I go out anyway, especially if I’m traveling. I go out and maybe spend a night outside because my children are still young”, assured the athlete. . Despite his role as a young dad who takes a lot of his time and energy, Usain Bolt has promised to make good resolutions for the next year. In particular, he plans to start a training program that will allow him to regain his full physical shape.

Usain Bolt © Hublot via Bestimage

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