Since August 2017, a whole family has been devastated by the unbearable loss of little Maëlys. A few weeks after the end of the trial at the end of which Nordahl Lelandais was found guilty of the murder of the little girl, Colleen, the older sister of Maëlys de Araujo, confided in the columns of Paris Match, to be found on newsstands Thursday March 31, 2022. If the trial was a deliverance for her, she explained that she had trouble recovering from it. “I have the aftereffects of everything now. More than four years of investigation, the trial… I am getting help in my turn, at the moment. Before the trial, I was very stressed, without a goal. I “I had dark thoughts, I wanted to join my sister. The emptiness of Maëlys was destroying me from the inside. I have to mourn”, she explained, thus revealing to have thought about suicide during the months preceding the trial. .

But today, the 17-year-old girl wants to believe in the future. She can count on her parents, to whom she is very close, to regain hope and move forward. “I lived through a tragedy that shattered my life forever, but I don’t want to take revenge. Hate is not the solution. I wanted the verdict to allow me to project myself into a serene and safe future” , she said again with great maturity in her words.

Maëlys’ big sister was a pillar for her parents

After having long been a pillar for her parents, today she needs them. “I was going to console them, boost them. I was a bit like their mom, they were like my children. It was normal for me to be forgotten, they had just lost their daughter”, remembered with a heavy heart.

Maëlys (illustration) © Pascal Fayolle

Lara T.
Lara T.

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