Noel Gallagher: the star takes it out on Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

It connects the media outings! After attacking the government by claiming to be against wearing masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Noel Gallagher sharply criticized Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. And for good reason, he does not understand their success … Guest of Matt Morgan’s podcast, the former member of the group Oasis indeed explained: “The music now, it is the form which prevails over the substance. I find that these young folks in music, they look great, they all have tattoos, picture and all that stuff, but really they’re just shit, they got nothing to say. ” Angry, the star continued, “The biggest record sellers, when I was younger, were just the best. The biggest band in the world was usually the best band in the world. Now the biggest thing in the world. world is that fucking Taylor Swift. What ?! fuck! ”

Considering that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift weren’t true rock stars, Noel Gallagher explained: “There will never be another David Bowie, there will never be another Marc Bolan, there will be never another Freddie Mercury, real rock stars. I don’t consider myself a rock star, I’m more of a songwriter, I mean real flamboyant rock stars (…) There will never be people like that because the musicians don’t make that much money anymore and those who do are people like Ed Sheeran. There won’t be any more private jets or David Bowie in King’s Cross station dressed as a Nazi, they won’t be any of that anymore, because people will be intimidated by social media. ”

Miley Cyrus also takes it for her rank!

A few days earlier, it was through Miley Cyrus that the British star had accused Americans of sexualizing women. Referring to the Midnight Sky music video, he said: “Even my nine year old son said to me ‘Why is the cameraman only filming his legs?’ Women have been sexualized because of America. British culture would never have sexualized a woman. It all came from America – that stupid, juvenile, provocative fucking culture. ”

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