A heinous crime. This Thursday, October 27, Jemma M. was found guilty of the murder of Deborah C., committed in June 2021 in London. According to the prosecution, the 38-year-old criminal planned to murder her 67-year-old victim after becoming friends with the latter by participating in her parish group.

Jenna M. took action after Deborah C. refused to give her 200,000 pounds (about 230,000 euros) to finance repairs in her dilapidated house. After killing her victim and beheading her, she wrote a false will to inherit Deborah C.’s property, estimated at 700,000 pounds (about 810,000 euros). Two weeks after the murder, she had driven more than 200 miles by car to the southwest of England, where she left the decomposed body of her victim in the woods.

The murderess “in total denial”

When the 60-year-old was reported missing, Jenna M. first assured that she had gone to visit family “somewhere by the sea”. In reality, the murderess had already beheaded the poor woman and kept her remains in her garden, the prosecution had reported.

During her trial, Jenna M. showed “no remorse and she is in total denial” concerning this “deeply shocking” crime according to judge Richard Marks. When the judge declared him guilty on Thursday, the defendant remained unmoved in his block of accused and showed no compassion for the family of the victim, who attended the verdict by videoconference from Malaysia. It is also only the second time that cameras have been authorized to broadcast a verdict live in a criminal court, and the first time that the accused has been a woman.

“No remorse”: she vilely gets rid of her friend because she doesn't get what she wants

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