Martin Bashir is the interviewer behind Lady Diana’s explosive interview. This historic interview was broadcast on November 20, 1995 on the BBC. It was during this interview that the Princess of Wales made a shattering revelation about the adventures of Prince Charles. Sure enough, trusting Martin Bashir, the princess admitted under the cameras that “there were three people in the marriage”. It is reported that there were no less than 23 million viewers during this broadcast.

Panoramic Productions Limited is the company that Martin Bashir created in the same year of this explosive interview. Published accounts for his company show that he “set aside £ 34,000 last year and £ 20,000 this year in bonuses.” He paid this £ 50,000 bonus to himself and his wife. It was also discovered that although the interviewer was suspended, he continued to receive £ 2,000 a week from the BBC. All these sums he pocketed with his enormous salary of £ 100,000 at the BBC.

“Bashir broke BBC rules by issuing fake bank statements”

If Lady Di made the revelation of the century to her interviewer, it is because the latter used Machiavellian methods. Martin Bashir drew up fake bank statements to “suggest that Diana’s relatives were selling information.” It took months for the interviewer to put together his plan in an attempt to gain the Princess of Wales’ trust. Moreover, he also involved Lady Di’s brother, Earl Spencer, in his coup.

All this manipulation was in order to reveal for all to see Prince Charles’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. It was recently revealed that the once very popular and wealthy Martin Bashir will now only have £ 112,727 in assets.


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