Prince Harry’s memoirs entitled The Substitute (Spare) are released on January 10, 2023
Diana’s son reveals behind the scenes of what he has been through in recent years
The relationship between Prince Harry and his brother William is more strained than ever

After spending years reading stories about his life and that of Meghan Markle in the tabloids, Prince Harry and his wife are fighting back and increasing media appearances. This time, they are the only ones to speak on their behalf, and for several months this has caused an increasingly marked rift with the rest of the royal family, which follows to the word the motto of the monarchy respected by Elizabeth II: never complain, never explain anything. This January 10, 2023, it is the memoirs of Prince Harry that are buzzing the media, memoirs that address without taboo the relations of the husband of Meghan Markle with the rest of his family, and in particular his brother Prince William.

Despite numerous attacks and revelations, including one concerning a violent argument between the two brothers at the end of which William would have come to blows, the eldest of Prince Harry made no statement. According to the Mirror, however, “well-placed” sources have already said that there is “no more trust” between Prince William and his brother. The royal family would indeed fear that any private discussion with Prince Harry would then be publicly revealed, like many elements of his private life that he recounted in his memoirs.

Will Prince Harry ever be reinstated to the Royal Family?

During his interview for American television with journalist Anderson Cooper, however, Prince Harry explained that he is open to the possibility of partially resuming his royal duties on the condition of “frank discussions that do not leak”. The youngest son of Charles and Diana would have already tried to take on a role of royal representative of the Commonwealth by leaving to live in Canada, a proposal which was rendered null and void after having leaked, because of his father according to him, in the press. British. For the moment, however, there is no question of a rehabilitation of his royal responsibilities and even less of reconciliations since it would already be necessary, for that, that the dialogue be reopened between Prince Harry and the rest of his family.

"No more confidence": disgusted, Prince William reacts very badly to Harry's revelations

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