A totally disproportionate act. In Ghaziabad, near Masuri, India, a 16-year-old boy was arrested last August after killing a 13-year-old child on the Delhi-Meerut highway. According to information from the authorities relayed by Times of India, the teenager had been planning to commit this murder for five months in order to be sent to prison and escape his studies.

Around 5 p.m., the police received a call to inform them that the body of a boy had been found near the highway. “A team rushed to the scene. After an hour, we identified the body and informed the parents,” Iraj Raja, a local police official, told Indian media. According to the investigators, the murderer would have lured the victim on the highway on the pretext of wanting to watch the cars pass. He then picked up a piece of glass that was on the road and slit her throat. The teenager then threw the boy’s body into the bushes near the highway, and fled.

The killer planned to turn himself in to the police

“The parents told us that at 3 p.m. his friend came to their house and took the boy with him. (…) We sent a team to his house, but he was not there. At 7 p.m. , we found him near a tea shop outside Masuri police station,” Iraj Raja said. According to the police, the teenager wanted to surrender himself to the police if he was not arrested.

During his interrogation, the latter explained the reasons for his action. “He revealed that his parents were forcing him to study, but he didn’t want to continue. He had watched movies and organized this murder for the past five months,” the police chief revealed. According to the authorities, his parents had changed him three times so that he could move up to the next class. According to the agent in charge of this case, the young man had already tried to kill one of his friends a month before, but had not had the courage.

No longer supporting the pressure of his parents, he commits a bloody murder to be incarcerated

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