Kinou, whose real name is Jacqueline Monestier, is the widow of Nino Ferrer, with whom she had two sons. And since the disappearance of her husband, who killed himself on August 13, 1998, she preferred to play the card of discretion. However, in 2017, she came out of her silence to give an interview to Télé Loisirs: “We actually want to create, with my two sons, a museum on Nino. We would like to bring together his paintings, personal objects, engravings … There is something to do because he had multiple passions ”. More than ever, she expressed the desire that the memory of her late husband be honored: “I have the feeling that Nino is not forgotten. Every day, we get a call to use a song in an ad, a movie, create a show about it, write a thesis … ”.

Nino Ferrer’s wife is passionate about cooking. And for nearly 15 years, she simmered a book, Kinou Cuisine, published in 2015: “I started writing it because my mom was not in good shape and I needed to clear my head. Nino was a true epicurean and he liked to eat well. I spent my time cooking because there were always musicians in the house ”. In its pages, the favorite recipe, of the singer of On would say the South, that he loved to cook: flambéed bananas.

What did singer Nino Ferrer die of?

Nino Ferrer had been plagued by deep melancholy since the death of his mother, whom he nicknamed “Mamounette” at the age of 86. He couldn’t stand life anymore. Two months later, on August 13, 1998, he committed suicide in a field near Saint-Cyprien. For Daniel Maury, mayor of Montcuq who knew Gaston’s interpreter very well, there is the telefon which sounded, this disappearance had wiped out the singer: “He no longer went out, he hardly spoke anymore”. But for other friends, it is the idea of ​​growing old that unbearable the singer, and that is why he would have decided to bow out, a few days before his 64th birthday.


Lara T.
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