Hunger brings back the dead? This story started on social media. A woman has commented on a video of Spice Cottage, a restaurant in the village of Westbourne, West Sussex. This restaurant posted a video on January 16 on its Facebook page. The promotional video clearly showed tables full of people enjoying their favorite Indian dishes. “New year, new vibe! Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked hard to make our dining experience even more memorable. Join us for the perfect blend of exquisite flavors, with classic and unique dishes inspired by old family recipes.”, could we read in the caption.

So far nothing out of the ordinary until a woman, Lucy Watson, left a comment on the video. She had notably asked when the video had been recorded since she claimed to have spotted her husband and son among the guests. However, her husband died in 2014! “How old are the images? My late husband and son are in the foreground and he died in 2014?” she commented. In response, the restaurant wrote, “Hi Lucy Watson, sorry to hear this. This footage was recorded last week.”

Free and upgraded promotion for Spice Cottage?

After Spice Cottage’s response, Lucy Watson did not ask for further information. This created the excitement among Internet users. “I need to know what’s going on ASAP,” one user wrote. “Can we get an update? I’m invested now,” wrote another. Some people have even put forward theories that it was just a stroke of “marketing genius” on the part of the restaurant. Other people claim that Lucy’s account was fake. Mirror has contacted Lucy Watson and Spice Cottage for further information. To be continued…

Nine years after the death of her husband, she sees him having dinner in an Indian restaurant

Nine years after her husband’s death, she spots him having dinner in an Indian restaurant © Pexels

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