A very pleasant surprise. It was in 2014 that Chinese retiree Zhuo Kangluo decided he was tired of being in a nursing home and simply ran away. The story could have ended there if the old man had been found. Only Zhuo Kangluo remained untraceable while, shortly after his escape, the body of a man who looked like him was found by the side of the road in the area where the fugitive had disappeared. This is how Zhuo Kangluo’s family and several villagers who knew him identified the dead body as his. No autopsy was requested for this corpse and therefore no test was conducted before it was simply cremated under the identity of Zhuo Kangluo.

Years later, nine years after Zhuo Kangluo disappeared, it’s not hard to imagine the surprise of one of his grandsons when he recognized him on a missing persons poster. It was the Chinese authorities themselves who, after seeing an old man walking around without seeming to know where he was going, decided to question him and create a notice of disappearance. When the police asked him questions, however, Zhuo Kangluo did not answer, making any identification impossible. But after seeing his head circulating on posters, the grandson of the disappeared let it be known that he knew the man in question, following which DNA tests were taken.

A moving reunion

And thanks to these tests, Zhuo Kangluo was finally able to be reunited with the rest of his family after nine years of absence. A moving reunion during which tears were at the rendezvous for the whole family. The police meanwhile continue their investigation to find the identity of the person who was cremated several years ago under the name of Zhuo Kangluo. It is not the first time that a family learns, with astonishment, that one of its members whom it believed dead is in fact still alive. A similar story took place in particular in India after a plane crash in 1976.

Nine years after being cremated, he surprises his loved ones

Zhuo Kangluo © Capture / Weibo

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