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Nicole Kidman: this rare secret about her marriage to Tom Cruise

Almost twenty years after her divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman has fond memories of their marriage. During an interview with the New York Times, the 53-year-old Australian actress returned to the set of the film Eyes Wide Shut, in which she gave the reply to Tom Cruise. Despite the long working days and grueling emotional scenes of Stanley Kubric’s erotic drama, in which the two stars played a married couple working out of infidelity, the Big Little Lies star remembers only the best of the experience: “We we happily married. We would go go-cart races after these scenes. We would rent a place and go for a run at three in the morning. I don’t know what to say others. Maybe I don’t have it. ability to look back and dissect it. Or I don’t want to. ”

Prior to their divorce in 2001, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted two children: Isabella (27) and Connor (25). During their long hours together on the set of Eyes Wide Shut, returning home at the end of the evening helped the former couple come back to reality: “We loved working with Stanley Kubric. We shot that. for two years. We had two kids and mostly lived in a trailer in the field, making spaghetti because Stanley sometimes liked to eat with us. We worked with the greatest filmmaker, learned about our lives and enjoyed our lives on set We were like, ‘When is this going to end?’ We went there thinking it was going to take three months. It turned into a year, a year and a half. But you say to yourself, ‘As long as I surrender to what it is, I will have an amazing time. ‘”

Nicole Kidman left Australia for Tom Cruise

In 2018, it was during an interview with Variety that the actress revealed how her relationship with Tom Cruise had transformed her: “I moved because I fell in love and got married . I always make choices out of love and everything had to fall into place around that. ” For New York Magazine, Nicole Kidman said: “I got married for love, but being married to an extremely powerful man kept me from being sexually harassed. I was working, but I was still very cocooned. So, when i came out of this marriage at 32, 33, it almost felt like i had to grow up. because i was married at 23, i didn’t go to parties or go out a lot. was home pretty much all the time. ”

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