A sad disappearance. It’s a very complicated period for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. The deputy for Pas-de-Calais has lost a close friend, José Evrard. The former communist died at the age of 76, of the consequences of Covid-19. “I have the immense sadness to announce to you this evening the disappearance of the deputy of Pas de Calais José Évrard following the Covid-19”, we could read on the account of Guillaume Kaznowski, his assistant. Subsequently, he said: “He had been hospitalized since December 27, due to breathing difficulties.” Opposed to the vaccination obligation and the health pass, José Evrard had never publicly mentioned whether he was vaccinated or not. It is Rémi Evrard, his only son, who wished to restore the truth, in the columns of AFP. “He was hospitalized in Arras, he campaigned against the vaccination obligation and the health pass, but he was fully vaccinated,” he said.

He is in mourning. Touched by the loss of his friend, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan paid a final tribute to his “friend and colleague” on his Twitter account. “I have just learned with immense sadness of the disappearance of my friend and colleague José Evrard. I send my most sincere condolences, on behalf of all the members of Debout La France, to his wife and to his son”, a- we could read. “Son of a miner who became a deputy for Pas-de-Calais, he embodied this land in the mining basin. A courageous, upright, kind man, faithful to his social convictions,” he continued. There is also Richard Ferrand, the president of the National Assembly, who spoke following the announcement of the death of José Evrard. “To his wife, his children, his relatives, as well as his colleagues and collaborators, I address my thoughts moved and united in the sorrow”, he wrote. Other political figures also wished to pay tribute to him, including Roland Lescure (LaREM), Laëtitia Romeiro Dias (LaREM) or Michel Zumkeller (UDI).

José Evrard: but who was he?

Communist militant for 36 years, José Evrard had left the Communist Party to join the National Front in 2014. Indeed, he had evoked “notions of sovereignty and national independence” and had explained to have been “betrayed on his commitments”. He had won for the FN the 3rd district of Pas-de-Calais, by 52.94% of the vote, in June 2017 against the Modem Patrick Debruyne and had joined the Patriots in November 2017. In 2019, he joined the Debout party France of Nicolas Dupont-Algnan and both became close friends thereafter.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan © Jacques Witt

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