A video that quickly made the rounds on the web … A true Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage has appeared in many films. More than twenty-five years after winning the Oscar for Best Actor thanks to his performance in the film Leaving Las Vegas, in which he played an alcoholic who goes to Las Vegas near bars in order to end his life in the alcohol, it seems that fiction has joined reality. In a video published by the British tabloid The Sun, we can see Nicolas Cage completely drunk in a restaurant in Las Vegas. Dressed in a dirty T-shirt and leopard pants, the actor got a lot of attention for his disrespectful behavior towards the staff.

A source told The Sun she was extremely shocked to see the star in this state: “We were in that bar at Lawry’s when we noticed what we initially thought was a completely drunk and rowdy homeless man. . To our amazement it was Nicolas Cage. He was completely drunk and fought with the staff. He was really in a mess and was walking around with no shoes on. The staff told us he had been drinking shots of tequila and Macallan whiskey 1980. ” Finally, the tabloid source added: “He was yelling at people and trying to fight, then the staff asked him to leave. He was so drunk he could barely put on his flip-flops before being escorted to the door. He asked us if we wanted to go back to his place, but he was in a mess and we thought that was not a good idea. One of the regulars ended up taking him home. “

Nicolas Cage caught ‘drunk and rowdy ‘as he’s kicked out of a fancy Vegas restauranthttps: //t.co/u7di7dwm79 pic.twitter.com/YYq3LI6R9W

– The Sun (@TheSun) September 25, 2021

Nicolas Cage has already had problems with alcohol

Two years earlier, it was in Las Vegas that the actor had married Erika Koike. Just four days after saying ‘yes’ to the young woman, Nicolas Cage had filed for divorce explaining that he had been “too drunk to understand his actions” during his marriage.

Nicolas Cage © SGP

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