Pink notebook in the Hilton family! This Tuesday, July 5, Nicky Hilton announced very good news to her subscribers: she gave birth to her third child. On her social networks, Paris Hilton’s sister has not published a snapshot of her baby, nor revealed her first name, but has published a tender photo of her, very pregnant, next to her husband. “We are officially a group of 5! Welcome to sweet boy world. Mom, dad and big sisters couldn’t be happier,” she captioned her post. Nicky Hilton has also not revealed the date of birth of her first son. As a reminder, the young mother and James Rothschild were already the parents of two daughters, Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn, 4 years old and Lily-Grace Victoria, 5 and a half years old.

It was last February that Nicky Hilton had unveiled for the first time a snapshot of her already well-rounded belly. In legend, she had simply written: “They say that the best things in life come in threes!” During her pregnancy, Paris Hilton’s little sister shared many pictures of her baby bump on social networks. Mom filled with three children, the wife of James Rothschild has never hidden the difficulties encountered. “I think all moms suffer from maternal guilt, she told People. I think we could all do better in this area and it is important to continue doing the things you love. control of your life. Navigate that balance and find that balance.”

Paris Hilton: “Becoming a mom is one of her top priorities”

In a few months, the Hilton family could grow again since Paris dreams of becoming a mother. Married to Carter Reum, the heiress would like to found her own tribe and followed an in vitro fertilization protocol. “We went through an IVF procedure so I can choose to have twins if I want to. It was Kim Kardashian who told me about it. I didn’t know anything about it,” she confided. And she has a very precise idea of ​​her ideal family. “I can’t wait. Becoming a mom is one of her main priorities, confided Paris Hilton in the columns of E! Entertainment. I would like to have two or three children, twins first. I always wanted to have a big brother because if he had, he could have protected me or stuff like that at school… So maybe a boy as an eldest.” While waiting to become a mother, perhaps, Paris Hilton will be able to pamper her first nephew.

Nicky Hilton and her husband, James Rothschild © Agency


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