It is a terrible discovery that was made in a house in the State of Oklahoma in the United States. According to the ABC channel, six children were found dead in the fire of their house. According to the police, who opened a murder investigation, the parents are suspected of being the cause of these deaths. “They are considered the” main suspects “but the investigators cannot overlook another track: were parents and children victims of a killer who would then be on the run?”. The facts took place on Thursday, October 20. Neighbors of this family called the fire department following the fire.

As soon as they arrived, the emergency services discovered the bodies of two adults in front of the house. Then the remains of six children aged 1 to 13 were found. “It became apparent to all the firefighters on scene that this was a crime scene. So once the initial fire was under control, our teams moved in to preserve the evidence.” Investigators described the scene as “complex”. Indeed, firearms were found in the house. So far, there is no indication that they have been used.

The testimony of a neighbor

A close neighbor was questioned about the daily life of the family. And her revelations are surprising: “They were nice children, but they always remained between them”, she said. They would then have refused her invitation to the birthday of her own children, as well as the candy she had wanted to offer them. “They respectfully declined. They said they couldn’t accept anything from anyone. It seemed a little weird to me at the time. But then I thought maybe it was just a matter of security”.

“Nice children but they always kept to themselves”: appalling find in the rubble of a house

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