It was time to celebrate! A few hours before the New Year, the stars are put on their 31. This is particularly the case of Laetitia Hallyday, who bet on a beautiful red dress with sequins to celebrate the transition to the New Year, but also Kourtney Kardashian, who went for a silver ensemble. In Dubai, it was surrounded by her husband and her son that Nabilla celebrated. She thus shared a snap where she wears a black slit dress, alongside Thomas Vergara, who appeared in a gray suit. In caption, the star wrote: “Happy New Year everyone, full of happiness and health above all!”

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, all dressed in white, celebrated the New Year at the restaurant in Dubai. On Instagram, the star of the Marseillais wrote: “We wish you a beautiful and happy new year 2022. Love, happiness but above all health! Thank you for being part of our life, we love you!” As a couple, Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip also treated themselves to a one-to-one evening to end the year in style! For her part, Iris Mittenaere shared: “Every year, I want to have a good vibe at New Year’s Eve, but each time it ends in the evening at home. Student, I revised and I took a five-minute break for listen to the fireworks … This year, we wanted to plan something, but I have very important shoots at the beginning of January and I’m too afraid of catching a nasty virus! So I’m going to make the New Year in mind- one-on-one with Diego (but I’m still going to put myself in a New Year mood! “A little later, she said:” A little reminder to those who are having a shitty New Year: the first hours of the year do not define not the remaining 364 days (I tell myself that almost every year). “

Matt Pokora: “What a home-away-from-home party !!!”

Father of two young children, Matt Pokora did not go out to celebrate the New Year. On Instagram, he shared a video where he wishes his fans a Happy New Year by whispering! In the caption, the singer wrote: “It sleeps up there! What a house-lover’s New Year’s Eve !!!” In the story, his wife, Christina Milian, said: “We are at home tonight, it’s quite quiet, we are with the children. I cook, steaks, salad, caviar , potatoes … We remain safe from Covid-19. ” Joyce Jonathan, mother of a little Ghjulia, went to bed before midnight! “Happy New Year friends! Enjoy your evening! No pressure for those who go to bed before midnight !!!”, she wrote on Instagram. Finally, it was a few weeks after giving birth to her little Celeste that Fabienne Carat displayed her sublime figure on Instagram.

In order to celebrate the New Year as it should be, Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez went to a beach in Costa Rica! For her part, Cristina Cordula admired a magnificent fireworks display in Rio! If Clémence Botino celebrated it with friends with Sophie Diry, 3rd runner-up Miss France 2020 and Evelyne De Larichaudy, Miss Île de France 2019, Amandine Petit spent the evening with her parents and wore … Unicorn slippers! In Deauville, Elsa Esnoult also spent the evening with the family. “Happy and wonderful 2022 to all of you … even if this strange period still seems very present, I do not lose hope that we will find a normal life one day or another … It is not because that it takes time that we will not get there … “, she wrote on Instagram.

Sophie Diry, Evelyne De Larichaudy and Clémence Botino © Instagram

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