Next! Adele brushes aside a naughty fan question she doesn’t understand

Adele is open hearted to her fans … but not too much either! Saturday, October 9, the singer organized a question and answer session with Internet users via her Instagram story. Indeed, a little curious wanted to know more about the number of conquests of Adele. He thus asked what was his “body count”, an expression to name a person’s hunting chart. One question that flopped: squinting, Adele simply replied, “What’s my body count? What does that mean?” It remains to be seen whether Adele really doesn’t know what “body count” means or if she just pretended not to respond. Adele also changed the question, to continue the online exchange. Something to amuse Internet users!


– alex (@userctrI) October 9, 2021

A difficult divorce for her little Angelo

As a reminder, Adele has just separated from her husband, Simon Konecki. In the November edition of Vogue magazine, the singer agreed to give some secrets about her private life and in particular the impact it had on her son Angelo. “I was not happy,” she first said about the few months before making the decision to leave her husband. “Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt the other or anything like that.”

A difficult separation with Simon Konecki. Her 9-year-old son Angelo often asks his mom “Why don’t you love my dad anymore? And I say, ‘I love your dad. But I’m not in love,” says the singer. A very difficult stage since her little boy is still very young. “I can’t make a nine year old understand that.” But for the well-being of her son, she will put his happiness at the top of her priorities.

Adele © Ramey

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