Angelina Barini, 43, was sentenced on April 26, 2022 to 30 years in prison. His crime? Poisoning four people, including a top New York chef, Andrea Zamperoni. The facts took place in the summer of 2019, when the former prostitute Angelina Barini wanted to drug different people and then rob them. Under cover of a big party, she supplied her victims with fentanyl, a very powerful opioid, and GBL, a date rape drug similar to GHB. If the goal was, at the base, only to make drug users unconscious in order to take their belongings, the culprit’s plan nevertheless failed several times… which did not prevent her from starting again . A drug user herself, the one who was dubbed the “femme fatale” by the New York Post was arrested a few weeks after the murders.

The culprit could have escaped the police a little longer if she had not attacked Andrea Zamperoni, the chef of a famous restaurant in New York, the Cipriani. After killing the famous cook with a deadly cocktail of drugs, the former prostitute tried to dispose of the body in a rather clumsy way. Also according to the New York Post, she was in a lackluster hotel at the time of the murder, the Kamway Lodge in Queens, and decided to wrap the victim’s body in the hotel sheets before throwing it in. trash. During the trial, a relative of one of the victims spoke out to condemn the acts of Angelina Barini, despite a difficult life which could explain some of her acts.

The defendant intends to appeal

“I understand that her story is complicated. My story is also complicated. But there is no excuse, she killed four people. She deserves her sentence today” underlined the person in question, also recalling that the victim had a bright future ahead of her, and that the accused “ruined that”. For her part, Angelina Barini’s older sister told the New York Post that she found the sentence applied to her sister’s crimes, 30 years in prison, “a bit harsh”. According to her, justice “did not take into account the fact that the victims put themselves in a situation of danger. They were not saints” she recalls, stressing that they followed the accused of their own free will to party and sleep with her. She also expressed her intention to appeal.

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