It is a vacation proposal that cannot be refused. When Casey, a childhood friend, phones Caleb to invite him and his wife to spend the New Year at his home in the Caribbean, the latter does not hesitate for a second. In this month of December 2018, Casey, 37, and his wife Barbara, 62, have been living on the island of Anguilla for four months. A departure that surprised everyone. For ten years, the handsome Casey surfed between castings in Los Angeles and a job as a pharmaceutical salesman in Fresno, where he lived with Barbara, a nurse twenty-five years his senior. Two cities, two jobs, no bridge between the two.

“My brother has led a double life, admits Debanee, Casey’s sister. Her agent in Los Angeles was unaware of Barbara’s existence.” After seven years of this dotted life, the couple get married on the sly. Caleb Guillory, lifelong boyfriend, is Casey’s witness. “Their marriage has been kept confidential, explains Debanee.” To the point that a court order is needed to consult their marriage certificate. ”

Autopsy says Caleb died from strangulation, Casey died from MDMA overdose

From then on, Casey distances himself from his family who remained in Oregon. Charlie MacPherson, her dad, remembers, “He said to me, ‘You know dad, Barbara doesn’t like family stuff so there won’t be any kids, or vacations, or parties. anniversary.’ “On December 26, two couples of friends, Caleb and Carly Guillory, as well as Chuck and Alicia Gros, land at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport in Anguilla, ready to enjoy this postcard island. On New Year’s Eve, the six friends have a drink by the ocean, near Casey and Barbara’s house, in Island Harbor. They will never celebrate New Years together, the dream vacation will turn into a nightmare.

“This is the story the four survivors told us on their return to the United States,” recounts Casey’s sister. This December 30, they spent the early evening in a beach bar. On the way home, Casey and Caleb were sharing a mug of rum-Coke. Then, Caleb accompanied Casey to pick up his forgotten flip-flops from the bar. Back home, Caleb passed out and fell to the ground, injuring his face. The others had called the emergency services, who could only see his death while Casey was seized. Taken to hospital, he died there. ” The other four spent the New Year in custody, from which they were only released by paying bail of $ 10,000 each. According to the autopsy, Caleb died on the spot from strangulation, and Casey was the victim of an overdose of MDMA, a narcotic also known as “the drug of love”.

As soon as she was released from custody, Casey’s widow claimed life insurance

A year and a half later, the official investigation is closed and no one has been prosecuted by the Anguilla police. But the attitude of Barbara, Casey’s wife, will make the young man’s parents doubt. They discover that when she was released from police custody, the widow triggered the procedure to pocket life insurance worth $ 1.5 million. Insurance changed on their arrival in Anguilla, four months before the tragedy.

Even more troubling, during her testimony to the insurer, Barbara claims that her husband was poisoned. Definitely at the bar they were in that night. She herself would have barely escaped, she adds, because she had drunk from the same glass as the victims. Luckily, she had vomited in stride. Toxicological analyzes carried out on the evening of the tragedy revealed nothing in the blood of Barbara and the survivors. On the other hand, in Casey, a lethal dose of MDMA, 24 times greater than a so-called recreational dose was detected. During the search, small amounts of cocaine and MDMA were found in Alicia’s purse.

The two widows quickly had the bodies cremated …

Today, Caleb and Casey’s cremation urns rest in their hometown of Eagle Point. Their parents were never able to see the remains of their sons. Their widows, Barbara and Carly, chose to have the bodies cremated on the neighboring island of Saint-Martin. “A decision which deprived us of meditation and additional examinations of the bodies”, accuses Debanee.

Informed of the tragedy, a friend of the family had however offered to send his private plane to Anguilla to bring Barbara and the three friends back to the United States, as well as the bodies of Casey and Caleb. “Everything leads us to believe that they have something to hide”, concludes Debanee who, with her parents, hired a private detective to shed light on the gray areas of this deadly night in paradise.

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