Ashley Graham is a top model who speaks unfiltered to her fans on Instagram. The 35-year-old model is one of his wives who, after childbirth, does not fully recover their previous figure. And yet, the top model, mother of two twins born ten months ago, never ceases to show the different changes in her body and to proudly affirm that she accepts her new body without complex. Fans remember this video of Ashley Graham where she shows off, wearing only white underwear, a big fatty posterior.

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, Malachi and Roman’s mom shared a new photo. This is a photo of her belly ten months after the birth of her twins. The model, follower of body positivism, captioned her publication. “Hi new belly. You are very different from what I was used to. But I like you,” she captioned her new Instagram Story. The photo is of the supermodel’s belly transformed by pregnancy. The close-up photo shows a belly full of stretch marks surrounding the navel.

Ashley Graham: the model began her mission from her first birth

Ashley Graham is a 35 year old American model. She naturally has a dream body. Her messages, encouraging women to accept the imperfections suffered by the body after childbirth, aim to uninhibit these women who are unable to recover their body from before. It was after giving birth to her first son Isaac, almost 2 years old, that Ashley Graham began to tell without taboo the fallout from her first pregnancy and her nocturnal cravings.

"New belly": Ashley Graham reveals herself without restraint after the birth of her twins

Ashley Graham © Backgrid USA

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