A resident of Winchester Avenue, Grimsby, Lincolnshire reported a medical emergency to the East Midlands Ambulance Service on June 19, 2022, reports The Sun. Having heard crying coming from a brown garden bin, the neighbor discovers a baby in it. This is a newborn with the umbilical cord still attached. According to Grimsby Live, the baby is a boy and was found in a bin which also contained some grass clippings.

Within minutes, paramedics rushed to the scene while police cordoned off the area. “At least four police cars and two ambulances were dispatched to the family property after the shocking discovery on Sunday,” reports The Sun. Other police were seen going door to door questioning residents. According to an ambulance spokesman, the baby’s mother has been found. She and her baby were taken to Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

A mother too young to take care of her baby

The mother and baby have received the necessary care and are in hospital for check-ups. According to a resident, the desperate act of this mother could be due to her too young age. “The mother must have been too young to look after her baby,” he told Grimsby Live. “The mother must have been too young to understand or didn’t want anyone to know she was pregnant,” he added, before concluding, “We hope she will receive the care she needs to her and her baby. Police did not add more information other than that stated by Grimsby Live.

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